J Is The Name And Creativity Is My Game!!!

J Is The Name And Creativity Is My Game!!!

Why This Blog? To Share My Thoughts, Emotions, Love!

And Passion For The World Of Magical Fantasy I Proudly Call My Own!!!

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Dragon MessagesPosted by J Wed, November 15, 2017 01:10:13
1. Little Scene Gets More Done

2. Look For Thruth In The Heart Of Hearts

3. A Lie Burns Both The Liar And The Silent Listener

4. Be True To The Responsibility Of The Balance

5. Silence And Magic Both Are Needed

6. Honor Your Elders For They Carry Important Ancient Knowledge

7. Evil Goes No For Warning And No Pause For Relieve

8. Dignity Speaks Well Of A Messenger

9. You Color Your Own Light

10. What Happens To One Stone Reflects To All

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