J Is The Name And Creativity Is My Game!!!

J Is The Name And Creativity Is My Game!!!

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A Wolf's Pride...

Sunkmanitu TankaPosted by J Sun, November 26, 2017 19:22:59
...It is in my nature to be kind,
gentle and loving.

But know this: When it comes to matters of protecting
my friends, my family and my heart...
Do not trifle with me!!!

For I'm also the most powerful
and relentless creature
you will ever know.

Don't ever mistake:
My silence for ignorance
My calmness for acceptance
Or my kindness for weakness

Be strong enough to stand alone,
be yourself enough to stand apart,
but be wise enough to stand together
when the time comes.

I am wolf
Quietly I will endure.
Silently I will suffer.
Patiently I will wait.
For I am a warrior
And I will survive.

The heart is a strange beast
and not ruled by logic.

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

The hardest walk is walking alone.
But it's also the strongest!

Stand up for what you believe in
even if it means standing alone!

I regret nothing in my life,
even though it has been full of pain and hurt.
I look back with a smile because;
I know that is what made me who I am today.
A stronger, better and more caring person...

You never know how strong you are
until being strong is the only choice you have.

Only a true wolf will fall in love with the moon.

Fate whispers to the wolf:
"You can not withstand the storm."
And the wolf whispers back:
"I am the storm."

Take the battle to them or they will bring it to you.

The wolf on the hill is not as hungry
as the wolf climbing the hill.

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

Never bend your head.
Always hold in high.
Look the world straight in the eye.

If you fall down don't stay down.
Face the world on your feet and
fight for what you believe in.

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